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Seeking creative ways to engage your students? 4-H offers educational resources, school enrichment programs, and afterschool programs designed to enhance classroom education with experience-based learning. The programs are primarily coordinated by county Extension offices. To learn more about programs and opportunities available in your area, please contact your local Extension office.

Looking for something even more outside the box? Check out the Outdoor Education programs offered by Nebraska 4-H Camps & Centers or fields trip available at Raising Nebraska.


Outdoor Education

at Nebraska 4-H Camps & Centers

Each year, hundreds of students and their teachers from schools across Nebraska participate in hands-on, engaging Outdoor Education programs and experiences at one of the two Nebraska 4-H Camps & Centers. Outdoor Education is typically held during the months of September to November and March to May. These programs:

  • use the outdoors as a stimulus for the appreciation of previously acquired skills, including the areas of reading and language arts, science, mathematics, art, health, physical education and social studies.
  • teach an appreciation, understanding, and awareness of the natural world by studying and interacting with that world.
  • separate kids from their everyday setting.

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Field Trips

at Raising Nebraska

Raising Nebraska, an agricultural-focus exhibit in Grand Island offers several programs for visiting classes of all ages, conducted by a full-time University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension Educator. These two-hour programs allow students to experience Raising Nebraska through a guided tour before diving into a program specific to your classroom needs through hands-on education. See additional program details on Raising Nebraska's Field Trips web page.

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UNL Marketplace

Nebraska developed curricula are available for purchase through the UNL Marketplace. Additionally, UNL Marketplace also has a variety of Nebraska 4-H promotional merchandise.

UNL Marketplace

national 4-H shop

National 4-H curricula are available for purchase through Shop 4-H. Additionally, Shop 4-H has a large variety of 4-H themed materials, such as apparel, promotional merchandise, and pins and recognition items.

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AgCiting Science App

AgCiting Science Adventure

The AgCiting Science web-based app is available for use in school enrichment programs, afterschool programs, and beyond. Through the AgCiting Adventure, students use basic agriculture production practices to complete the growth and harvest of the components of their breakfast. While gaining agricultural literacy knowledge participants utilize math, motor, and problem-solving skills to follow a recipe.

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Career Explorer

Career Explorer

Career Explorer will help you connect the dots between the choices you make every day and the opportunities you could have in the future. At each stage of the game you will be able to enter the workforce, get additional education, or explore training programs. At the conclusion of the game you will have the opportunity to email the results to yourself with tips on how to make that career a reality in your life.

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Health Rocks! Carnival

Health Rocks! Carnival

Health Rocks!® is curricula for a healthy living program targeted at young people ages 8 to 14. Health Rocks! helps youth develop life skills in the area of critical thinking, decision-making, communication, managing feelings, stress management and goal setting; in turn building resiliency skills, and promoting the resistance of risky behaviors.

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